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Schedule Different Departure Times  
On Any Day.

Leave your house at different times on M/Th/F and Tu/W? Optiwatt will charge your car to a set charge limit, optimize savings, precondition, and set the climate of your car according to your schedule.

Extend Battery Life with 
Smarter Preconditioning.

Compatible vehicle chargers will finish your charging way ahead of your departure time and then use extra energy to precondition your battery before you leave. 

Optiwatt saves a portion of your charge right before you leave, so the act of charging preconditions the battery, and there’s no further warm up needed. 

Grid Blackout 
Emergency Charging.

Be alerted and have your battery automatically topped off prior to a potential grid blackout.

Get More Accurate Off-Peak Charging Year-Round

If you have Time of Use (TOU) or the new Ultra Low Overnight (ULO) rates our easy-to-use system lets you charge your EV at off-peak hours. 

Even as rates change seasonally, with Optiwatt, you just set it and forget to get the best charging rates, helping you save an average of $388/year.

Schedule a one-off trip without changing your regular schedule. No more forgetting to change your schedule back after a trip. No more accidentally charging to 100% for weeks and damaging your battery.

Trip Scheduling.

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Save electricity, save money, and extend battery life.

Extend Battery Life with Smarter Preconditioning.

Reduce your 
Tesla charging 
cost by up to 

with Optiwatt.

Free Forever. No Gimmicks.

Greater Toronto and Hamilton EV Drivers

Charge When Your Rates Are Lowest

Benefit From
More Accurate
Utility Rates

Optiwatt give you more accurate utility rates than OEM apps. This keeps your EV charging at the right time. Plus, you see the cost of each charge to see if another rate plan is right for you.

We're Serious About Carbon Emissions

Optiwatt is partnering with The Atmospheric Fund (TAF) for a smart electric vehicle (EV) charging pilot that will help meet increased energy demand as more people across the region adopt EVs. The pilot program supports most electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids that allow remotely controlled charging. 

By joining Optiwatt from the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, you're helping demonstrate the impact of managed charging in balancing EV needs with utility planning to provide safe and affordable energy.

We'll Update
Your Utility Rates

We know that some of the rates in your area change during the year. We save you the hassle of having to manually adjust your scheduling by connecting to your utility rate plan and updating when needed.